During the Second International Conference on Emerging Technology Trends in the Internet of Things and Computing (TIOTC 2022), A vision entitled “Al-Ramadi Smart City” has been launched. The vision idea was inspired by conference tracks and emerging advancements in IoT and computing technologies.

The vision was launched by the director of the IT unit at Al-Maarif University College, Dr. Mahmood Alsaadi. Dr. Mahmood, a lecturer at the Computer science department, delivered a speech explaining the aspects and importance of the vision and its future role in the city and province development. Moreover, the speech included the launch of the special vision website that is dedicated to showcasing, receiving, and sponsoring ideas and projects of the vision. The website can be accessed at the link below.

It is worth highlighting that the vision has included the proposal of a set of projects in smart homes, environment solutions, green energy, power consumption, cybersecurity, and remote agriculture. The projects were proposed and discussed during the session of Al-Ramadi Smart City vision, by members of the IT unit at Al-Maarif University College. Moreover, the session included short demonstrations and prototypes of the proposed IoT projects.

Finally, the session ended with a discussion with the audience, namely, the member of parliament, and of the communication committee at the Iraqi parliament, Eng. Akram Al Assafi, and head of the communication directorate of Al-Anbar province, Eng Suhaila I. Farag. The audience has praised the vision, and proposed projects and offered to provide support to enable and accomplish the vision.